Jul 26


EPA -Surge Button

EPA-Surge for EPANET Users

EPA-Surge is a powerful wizard included in Pipe2014: Surge software. EPA-Surge was designed specifically for EPANET users.  This feature will utilize a working EPANET file to define a piping system and the initial conditions for initiating a transient analysis. The transient analysis can be initiated by valve action or pump action or both.   A wide variety of surge protection devices can be incorporated into the analysis.

The EPA-Surge feature empowers the EPANET user by allowing them to model and analyze transients, within an existing EPANET model, with a few simple clicks.  Do not risk burst pipes, leaks, pathogen intrusion, and costly lawsuits, analyze transients in your EPANET models today.

Visit KYpipe.com/epasurge and download the demo.

Jun 19

EPA-Surge provides a simple solution to transient analysis of EPANET systems.

EPA-Surge has simple menus to specify surge control devices and events. Modifications to the base EPANET system will not require data to be reentered. When an analysis is preformed the results can be displayed in tables, graphs, contours and animations.

For more information contact us at info@epasurge.com or visit KYPipe.com/epasurge to download the free demo.